Materials for cabinets and cabinet doors


Melamine is the material having the most positive changes in recent years.  Moreover, this is the one that suits more quickly to new color trends.  Very affordable, it is offered in a variety of colors, finishes and textures.



With their five piece assembly and several models of doors and moldings, polyester products offer the same charm as wood doors.  The wide choice of colors, just like melamine and laminate, creates some very inspiring backdrops.


Thermofoil (Polymer/PVC)

The Thermofoil gives a modern look to the kitchen when uses in flat panels and matte color.  It’s very interesting to see the amount of models and colors that are offered.  A MDF door is covered with a one piece plastic film and has no joints.  It can also be offered in a five piece door similar to a wood door construction, with a wood grain look that’s hard to tell that it’s not real wood!!



Wood is a very timeless material.  We generally us pine, maple, oak, hickory, alder, cherry and walnut.  It can only be either painted or stained, but the choices of stains and patterns is endless.


Exotic Wood Veneers

Making a dramatic entrance in recent years, this material is very interesting because it brings exoticism and originality to a kitchen.  Tree veneers area available from several countries, and it can be either stained or varnished.

High Density Painted Fiberboard

These panels are perfect for painted effect, we can do the color and style you desire. This material is ideal due to its stability, it does not have the variation that the wood has, expansion and contraction which can crack the painting with time.