Initial Consultation

To assess your needs, we offer consulting services in our showroom or at your home. Certain items can also be discussed over the phone or by email.

First of all, note your lifestyle, what you like about your current kitchen and which no longer suits you and want to change. Determine what your needs are in terms of storage, space and lighting.

You can print the "Planning Guide" which you will find on this page in PDF format.  Fill it out and bring it with you on your first visit and please remember to indicate the wall measurements on page 4.

To optimize your first meeting, we suggest you make an appointment with our Interior and Cabinet Designer. With your input they will help you determine your needs and your requirements to develop your concept.  At the end of this meeting, we will be able to create a space designed around your ideas, suitable for your needs and your lifestyle while staying within your budget.




Design & Layout

Let us surprise you by offering a modern and functional design all while meeting your expectations and your budget.




Designer Advice

Do you have a project? Let us help you realize your vision. Come and meet us!!  Mix colors and textures for mind blowing results!  Different materials give you great freedom of choice in the design of your new kitchen, bathroom or other custom project!!

Second Consultation - Virtual Visualization

A second meeting is necessary so that our designer can present the concept that she has created for you, along with a realistic 3D plan and proposal. You will then be able to view your project in lifelike 3D color, and make changes as necessary. Once the design is approved, you'll have access to a range of samples to make the final choices of your materials, colors, hardware and accessories.  Once all your choices are confirmed, we will validate the final and accurate measurements at your home.


Our products are manufactured in Manitoba, including the cabinets and countertops that will make up your new environment. Your cabinets are manufactured with top quality materials and machined with computer controlled digital machinery and cutting edge technology, offering ultimate precision. All cabinet modules will be inspected carefully and then be prepared for shipment.


Once fabrication of your cabinets is complete, a team of experienced professionals will deliver your cabinets the day before or a few days prior to installation. The time of delivery will have been determined with your kitchen designer.


And now, the long awaited day has arrived! Our professional contractors will start the installation process and your new cabinets will be ready to use in no time!! Once installation is complete (this step normally takes one to three days depending on the size and complexity of the project) final inspection will be carried out with you to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

After-Sales Service

Our team is always there for their customers. Your designer will always be available to you even after the sale is completed, and our policy is to ensure a fast and efficient after-sales service.